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ID: 122
First name: Tom
Last name: Gardner
User name: tgardner

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LanguageSiteIDTitleCreated onTypeVisibilityStatus   
ENEDN32970How to tell if InterBase is using Additional Processor License2/11/2005FAQPublicLive
ENEDN32960Which version of InterBase 5.x is installed2/4/2005FAQPublicLive
ENEDN32450JDataStore installed with JBuilderX returns error "Unlicensed copy of JDataStore"7/16/2004FAQPublicLive
ENEDN32364Error registering InterBase on Linux5/18/2004FAQPublicLive
ENEDN32066Installing InterBase 7.1 on Linux4/14/2004FAQPublicLive
ENEDN30111Borland® InterBase® 7.1 Broadens Support for Microsoft® .NET Framework6/18/2003ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN29834JDataStore Licensing3/13/2003FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29558Accessing InterBase via dbExpress with Kylix produces error: Unable to load libgds.so1/17/2003FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29281SQL support in JDataStore11/14/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN28861International Support for JDataStore 67/12/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN28567Bring the power and speed of RAD to your Web application development with WebSnap3/26/2002White PaperPublicLive
ENEDN28142InterBase 6.5 on Windows XP12/18/2001FAQPublicLive
ENEDN27663INET/inet_error: connect errno = 1118/16/2001FAQPublicLive
ENEDN27633The procedure entry point CM_get_DevNode_Status_Ex could not be located in the dynamic library SETUPAPI.DLL8/9/2001FAQPublicLive
ENEDN27552InterBase 6 Courseware Overview and Courseware Manual Table of Contents7/31/2001ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN27540InterBase at BorCon 20017/29/2001ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN27412Interbase: Incorrect License Certificate ID / Key information for Linux6/13/2001FAQPublicLive
ENEDN27346Step by Step IBReplicator Tutorial5/25/2001TIPublicLive
ENEDN27313Simultaneous connections per single user license in version 6.x5/11/2001FAQPublicLive
ENEDN27305Statement failed, SQLCODE = -9015/8/2001FAQPublicLive

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