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ID: 3030
First name: Cary
Last name: Jensen
User name: Cary Jensen
Biography: Cary Jensen is president of Jensen Data Systems, Inc., a Houston-based software development and training company that won the Delphi Informant Magazine 2002 and 2003 Readers Choice Award for Best Training. He is the author and speaker for the Delphi Developer Days series (2001 - 2006), and was the principal speaker and author of the Delphi World Tour 1995-1999 and Delphi Development Seminars 2000-2001. Cary is also an award-winning best-selling author of 20 books, including Advantage Database Server: A Developers Guide (Sybase, Inc.), Building Kylix Applications (Osborne/McGraw-Hill), Delphi In Depth Osborne/McGraw-Hill), JBuilder Essentials (Osborne/McGraw-Hill), and Programming Paradox for Windows (Sybex). A popular speaker at conferences, workshops, and training seminars throughout North America and Europe, he is also the author of more than 175 magazine articles. Cary has a Ph.D. from Rice University in Human Factors Psychology, specializing in human-computer interaction.


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LanguageSiteIDTitleCreated onTypeVisibilityStatus   
ENEDN40307New White Paper: Delphi Unicode Migration for Mere Mortals1/4/2010Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN39196Delphi Developer Days with Cary Jensen and Marco Cantù - Chicago O'Hare Airport Area1/7/2009Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN39194Delphi Developer Days with Marco Cantù and Cary Jensen - Washington DC/BWI Area1/7/2009Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN33853Borland Developer Studio 2006 Reviewer's Guide11/28/2006White PaperPublicLive
ENEDN33289Delphi 2005 Reviewer's Guide8/13/2005White PaperPublicLive
ENEDN33261Delphi Events, August 2005, in Houston Texas - BorCon Lite 2005, Delphi 2005 for .NET Jump Start7/18/2005Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN32050Delphi and the changing world of software development4/8/2004Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN32046Writing Template Processors in Delphi3/29/2004Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN32015Ignoring Exceptions with Delphi's Integrated Debugger3/5/2004Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN31906Working with Commands in ADO.NET1/6/2004Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN31849Choosing a Language for .NET Development11/21/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN31263Using Non-Breaking Breakpoints in Delphi10/23/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN31014Making the Connection: Accessing Your Database using ADO.NET10/17/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN30237Data Storage in ADO.NET7/18/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN30113Data Access in ADO.NET6/18/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN30027Using Semaphores in Delphi, Part 2: The Connection Pool5/12/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN29908Using Semaphores in Delphi, Part 14/3/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN29825Nesting DataSets in ClientDataSets3/10/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN29650IntraWeb: A New Way to the Web1/31/2003Contributed ArticlePublicLive
ENEDN29416Cloning ClientDatSet Cursors12/31/2002Contributed ArticlePublicLive

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