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ID: 58
First name: Josh
Last name: Fletcher
User name: jfletcher


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LanguageSiteIDTitleCreated onTypeVisibilityStatus   
ENEDN29777JBuilder 8: EJB Designer becomes unresponsive with a large EJB groups.2/14/2003TIPublicLive
ENEDN29710JBuilder 8: Why can I no longer compile classes that import classes from the "default" package?2/4/2003TIPublicLive
ENEDN29566Why can't I create an EJB test client for my EJB 2.0 entity bean?1/23/2003FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29565Why does the JBuilder Designer use "setPreferredSize" instead of "setSize" for component sizes?1/23/2003FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29564JBuilder 6: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when deploying a WAR file to Weblogic 6.21/23/2003FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29505Unable to shut down JBuilder 7 after completing integration with WebLogic 6.1.1/8/2003FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29487How can I prevent JBuilder from overwriting changes I make to my Tomcat server8080.xml file?1/7/2003FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29247JBuilder | BAS 4.5.1: Jar verify error: Session Bean "Enterprise1" A session bean's implementation class must be an instance of javax.ejb.SessionBean10/31/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29243Where is the updated JBuilder 6 End User License Agreement (EULA) located?10/31/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29242How can I troubleshoot JBuilder when it is not responding?10/31/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29238How do I license Borland Enterprise Server (BES)?10/31/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29214JBuilder 6 fails to start with error: "Internal Error: Failed to start Java VM: 193"10/23/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29213How do I modify/add the Class-Path entry for the manifest file of an EAR in JBuilder?10/23/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29115JBuilder 6: How do I change the port number when deploying to WebLogic 6.1?9/20/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29114JBuilder 5 asks to be registered everytime it starts.9/20/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29071How do I extract a ZIP file if I don't have an UNZIP utility on my operating system?9/6/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29046JBuilder 7: Unable to install documentation or samples download packs.8/30/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29044Is JBuilder 7 Personal the trial version of JBuilder 7?8/30/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29041JBuilder 6: How can I force JBuilder to regenerate the deployment descriptors from scratch for my EJB Module?8/30/2002FAQPublicLive
ENEDN29031Workaround for DataExpress memory leak in the com.borland.dx.dataset.Column class.8/28/2002FAQPublicLive

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